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Saltville Town Council

Town Council Meetings

Saltville’s Town Council Meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Meetings start at 5:30 pm and are conducted at the Saltville Town Hall. Times can be changed and special meetings called.

The public is welcome to attend and can make brief comments to the council during citizen’s time.

Town of Saltville Committees

Saltville's Town Council Members

C. Todd Young

Town Council
Eugene Call
Gary Call
Ryan Comer
Monica Johnson
Cary Sauls

Steve Surber

Town of Saltville Contacts

Clerk Treasurer – Steve Johnson
Front Office Clerk – Tammy Carter
Counsel – Cassell & Crewe
Town Manager – N/A
Chief of Police – Erik Puckett
Chief of Volunteer Fire Dept. – Bryan Lynch
County Supervisor – Roscoe Call
Smyth County Chamber of Commerce – Sarah Beth Gillespie
County Administration – Shawn Utt
Town FOIA Officers – Steve Johnson and Tammy Carter
Registrar of Voters – Sandy Elswick

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