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Town Services

Our Town Crews are the lifeblood of our community and in their daily operations they keep everything running and we offer our sincere gratitude and thanks!

All bills paid at the Saltville Town Hall. Water, sewer, taxes, wave pool passes or tickets can be paid by cash, check or credit card for your convenience.

Fire Department

Saltville Volunteer Fire Department:
(276) 496-7113 (dial 911 for emergencies)

Rescue & Ambulance Service

Smyth County Emergency Medical Service:
(276) 496-4531 (dial 911 for emergencies)

Water, Sewer & Waste

Town of Saltville:
(276) 496-4321

After Hours:
(276) 706-7123

Water Quality Report

Police Department

Saltville Police Department:
 (276) 496-4321 (dial 911 for emergencies)